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Everything under one roof

At CTEC, we have the entire production process under one roof. From concept to manufacturing and distribution, we maintain full control to ensure top quality and innovation.

Working at low temperatures is beneficial for the environment

At CTEC, we are committed to a greener future. Our detergents and machines are designed to operate efficiently at low temperatures, which not only results in cost savings but also has a positive impact on the environment.

Building on +60 years of expertise

At CTEC, we can build on over 60 years of unmatched expertise in the production of detergents and machines. This rich history of innovation and dedication forms the core of our success.

Testing & Analysis

At CTEC, we take control of every detail seriously. Our dedicated laboratory enables us to thoroughly test and analyze projects, issues, and chemistry. With this expertise, we provide solutions tailored to your needs.

Personalized monitoring and advice for your project

At CTEC, we go beyond just products. We provide personal monitoring and expert advice for every customer project. Our dedicated team is always ready to guide and support you in your projects, ensuring you achieve the best results.

Investing in new technology

At CTEC, we embrace continuous innovation. We invest in the latest technologies to keep our cleaning products and machines always at the forefront of performance and efficiency.

ISO 9001:2015

CTEC is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

By adhering to this standard, we guarantee our customers high-quality products, developed through innovative manufacturing processes and delivered with excellent service terms.

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Laborex & CTEC under one roof

At CTEC, we believe in creating seamless total solutions for our customers. That’s why we have everything under one roof: both the production of our advanced cleaning machines and the development of our own detergents. Our strength lies in the fact that we precisely match both the machine and the product to each other. This enables us to provide tailor-made solutions that perfectly meet the needs of your industrial cleaning processes.

More than 60 years of experience

With a rich history of 60 years, CTEC is a pioneer and leader in the industry. Our extensive experience has enabled us to acquire profound knowledge and insight into the art of industrial cleaning. Since our inception, we have continuously innovated and evolved significantly, enabling us to offer advanced technologies and thoughtful solutions that are the result of decades of expertise. You can rely on our proven track record and craftsmanship, as we assist you in achieving impeccable cleaning results for your industrial environments.

Brand new demonstration room

Discover our state-of-the-art demonstration room! Located at our facility, customers now have the opportunity to thoroughly and hands-on test both our cleaning machines and cleaning products. Our expert specialists will be on hand to provide guidance and assistance throughout your experience. We are dedicated to ensuring that you discover the ideal solution for all your cleaning requirements. Come by and experience for yourself the power and efficiency of our equipment. Your satisfaction is our priority!

Who we are?

CTEC is a proud subsidiary of the Laborex Group and is known for its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Our core values include fair business practices, with a focus on ethical decision-making and efficiency. We lead through innovation and strive to create a prosperous future for the Laborex Group and its partners.

Together, we work towards a sustainable legacy, with a clear focus on building a world that future generations can look back on with pride. At CTEC, it’s not just about business success, but also about promoting a positive impact on society and the environment. We are driven to realize our vision and create a better world for everyone.

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